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Your own R&D center

Your R&D center


Ukraine is the #1 Outsourcing Destination in Europe. Therefore, should you be looking for IT talent, Ukraine is the right location. More than 100+ world famous IT companies (including Boeing, Huawei, Samsung, Oracle, Grammarly, Wargaming, and Netcracker) have already made this choice and successfully opened their R&D centres in Ukraine. Join Ukraine!


  • Ukraine has the biggest territory in Europe and a population of about 40 million.

  • The Ukrainian IT labor market has about 200,000 highly-skilled IT specialists with a work ethic compatible with western countries (compared to Poland’s 140,000 specialists).

  • Talent Pool – Ukraine produces the 4th largest number of graduates in Europe and 16,000+ new IT specialists every year, looking for international opportunities = a happy and talented workforce!

  • The level of English proficiency in Ukraine is close to some countries where English is an official language, such as India or Hong Kong (EF index 2015).

  • At the same time, the country’s human/real estate capital is undervalued as witnessed by GDP per capita figures (due to a weak local currency) and global rankings, putting the Ukrainian cost of labor/property on par with India and the Philippines – yet this might change over the next few years, thus today is the time to invest for big-time cost savings.

  • Business Climate – The World Bank named Ukraine the most improved country in the 2014 “Doing Business” Index. As the country moves closer to Europe, this will only accelerate!

  • Ukraine ranks in the top 20 in terms of attractiveness for foreign direct investment by UNCTAD.

The time is ripe to get your own Development Team / R&D Center in Ukraine!

If you want to open your own R&D center in Ukraine, Alcor is here to help you on a turn-key basis.