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We will provide you with statistical data regarding the number of developers in Ukraine and their average salaries. The discussion will proceed with the expected hiring deadlines and our recommendations on managing payroll, equipment procurement, and compliance matters.

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Ledger Ledger is an IT product company that provides a hardware wallet for managing crypto assets. Founded 7 years ago in France, we have already sold 1,5 million of our crypto security wallets in more than 160 countries. Now, we’re looking for skilled programmers in Ukraine to join our team and grow together!

We help crypto owners from all around the world to purchase, store, exchange, manage, and secure their cryptocurrencies 24/7.

Our goal is to provide safety for cryptocurrencies, as well as other digital assets like sensor data, ICOs, IoT, passwordless and two-factor authentication, etc.

The Ledger Team

Recruitment in Ledger: What is it like?
In 7 years, our company has grown to almost 300 employees from France, America, the UK, Switzerland, and Ukraine. Thus, we’ve developed our own approach to hiring people. Our managers know that 2 interviews are enough to spot the right talent for our team, that’s why we reduced the number of interviews to a brief HR interview and a technical interview.
So, you have received an offer. What’s next?
After offering you to work at our company, we will provide you with such perks as a flexible schedule, health insurance, 20 paid vacation days, 5 sick leave days, and others. Apart from that, we value internal education and training and, thus, have created Ledger Academy, School of Block, and On the Ledger Podcast to let everyone learn about cryptocurrencies with fun.
This is how we work at Ledger...
First of all, you will get crisp and clear instructions to successfully accomplish your tasks. Secondly, we encourage our employees to have fun at work because it helps us to relax and stay positive. Besides that, our employees receive freedom and autonomy when it comes to performing duties. We believe that if you are fully responsible for what you do, you will achieve better results in the long run!

P.S. We love offsite meetings.
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