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Insightful Science Insightful Science is a software company from the United States that develops digital products like patient treatment solutions, a clinical trial platform, etc. This way we accelerate and improve the process of discovery for scientists in different industries. Having offices in America, Ireland, and New Zealand, we are now looking for software developers in Ukraine.

We help over 1 million companies from industries like life sciences, biotech, healthcare, agriculture, education, aerospace, environmental health, resources, government, and others to facilitate the discovery process.

Our goal is to provide researchers with an automatic and fast discovery cycle and help them make life-changing ideas a reality, using design, data, and insights.

The Insightful Science team:

This is how we hire our employees...
Once we have received your CV, professional recruitment managers process it and schedule our first HR interview. This way we get to know your soft skills and your level of English. Then, you’ll have a tech interview with one of our developers to understand your strongest hard skills. Sometimes, we appoint a third interview, but it depends on the position. After that, if you turn out to be the best candidate for the position, a job offer is yours!
What will you obtain while working at Insightful Science?
To begin with, we offer you an exciting job and a flexible schedule in our Kyiv office. As you land a position at our company, we’re going to provide you with a laptop and other high-quality tech gear. You will also enjoy a competitive market salary, 20 paid vacation days, sick leave days, medical insurance, and other company bonuses.
Our culture code or what it’s like to be a part of Insightful Science.
Apart from dedication to our clients and science, we also believe in a transparent and comfortable work environment. Feel free to ask anything you need and accomplish your tasks at your own pace to be more productive. We strive to create meaningful products that positively impact and create value for global sciences.
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