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Мы предоставим вам статистику о количестве нужных вам разработчиков в Украине и средних зарплатах. Во время общения мы также обсудим ожидаемые сроки найма и дадим рекомендации по поводу закупки оборудования, юридических требований и управления платежными ведомостями.

Мы уважаем вашу конфиденциальность и никогда не будем передавать ваши данные третьим лицам или рассылать вам спам.

Cloudbeds Cloudbeds is a USA-based provider of a SaaS hospitality management platform that covers a property management system, channel manager, free booking engine, and other functions. Since 2012, we have already participated in the management of over 22,000 properties in 150+ countries.

We help the hotel, hostel, inn, vacation rental, B&B, and hotel group owners to unify and automate all aspects of their property management.

Our goal is to support our clients in generating high revenues, cut the time to manage their properties, and reduce their expenses on unnecessary operations.

The Cloudbeds Team

If you’re up for diversity, welcome to our team!
We believe that in order to succeed, we should unite our strengths! That’s why our team consists of over 400 people from 40 countries to apply the varied knowledge and experience for our product. And this is 100% remotely! So, if you’re willing to develop your career in an international company like Cloudbeds and work alongside people who are passionate about their jobs, we can’t wait to hear from you!
What will you receive if you join our company?
First of all, we offer to work in the comfort of your home. No more morning traffic jams and crowded offices! Besides, you will get health insurance, the needed number of vacation days, sick leave days, holidays (take as many as you need - just let your manager approve them), and access to 10,000+ LinkedIn courses and Cloudbeds University lectures. Even though we don’t work under one roof, sometimes we conduct offsite meetings to see each other more!
So, what should you do to become a part of our team?
Step 1. Choose an open position at Cloudbeds that matches your skills and aspirations.

Step 2. Upload your CV below.

Step 3. Wait for a recruiter to contact you and learn about the benefits, responsibilities, and requirements of this vacancy.

Step 4. Successfully pass the three interview stages with our team (depending on the role) and complete the test task if it’s required.

Step 5. Receive our offer and start building your career with us!
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