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Include intervalele de salariu și disponibilitatea dezvoltatorilor solicitați din Polonia, România și alte țări din EE (precum și valorile timpului de angajare și alți KPI pentru cazul dvs.).

Tech recruitment

Everything You Need to Know about Nearshore Software Development in Mexico
Marina Panchuk
Nearshore software development is a widely used business practice that allows IT companies to tackle mounting ...
21 martie 2023
Slovak Developers: Benefits, Rates & IT Market Overview
Marina Panchuk
The complexity of hiring IT professionals has become a burning issue among tech companies. Since the compet
20 martie 2023
React.js Developer Salary Worldwide Report
Marina Panchuk
React.js developers are in high demand in 2022. Progressive international companies like Uber, Netflix, Air ...
13 martie 2023
IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Benefits, Tips & Examples
Marina Panchuk
IT recruitment process outsourcing lets companies not only reduce the time to hire new employees by over 3 ...
08 martie 2023
8 Tips for Getting Your Remote Recruiting Right
Alina Grytsenko
8 Tips for Getting Your Remote Recruiting Right...
16 februarie 2023
Bulgarian Developers: Talent Pool, Challenges, Rates & Insights
Marina Panchuk
The ever-changing technology market, burning shortage of skilled developers,  recent pandemic, plus financial...
27 ianuarie 2023
Average AWS Certified Developer Salary: Extensive Research around the World
Nadiia Kovalchuk
AWS is a top-ranking online platform that provides scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud computing s
12 ianuarie 2023
IT Recruitment Agency Fees – Worldwide Research
Sergey Ovcharenko
A qualified development team is the engine of a tech company's success. Skilled recruiters are those who en ...
11 ianuarie 2023
Top 10 Questions for a Developer Interview
Marina Panchuk
With software development being on the rise, hiring rare talent has become more arduous and time-consuming. ...
09 ianuarie 2023
12 s
Average Django Developer Salary: Worldwide IT Companies Research
Nadiia Kovalchuk
Average Django Developer Salary: Worldwide IT Companies Research...
30 decembrie 2022
7 s
7 Common IT Recruitment Challenges and How to Solve Them
Marina Panchuk
In the IT industry, the competition for qualified tech talents isn’t something new. Even though every year t...
29 noiembrie 2022
What is the Average React Native Developer Salary Across the World?
Nadiia Kovalchuk
While building native applications can be quite costly, more and more tech companies make their choice in f
23 noiembrie 2022
IT Staff Augmentation vs. IT Outsourcing Models. Trends & Decision Making Tips
Dmitry Ovcharenko
If you’re looking for ways to extend your company, staff augmentation might help you to deal with it. Thi ...
17 noiembrie 2022
Average Golang Developer Salary [Worldwide Research]
Nadiia Kovalchuk
There is probably no one in the market who hasn't heard about the rapidly spreading programming language ca ...
28 octombrie 2022
Average COBOL Programmer Salary: Worldwide Analysis among IT Companies
Nadiia Kovalchuk
Average COBOL Programmer Salary: Worldwide Analysis among IT Companies...
27 octombrie 2022