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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

IT RPO in Bulgaria

Empower your internal recruiters with on-demand remote tech recruiting expertise in Bulgaria! 


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Our IT RPO services in Bulgaria include:

Over 40 professional remote IT recruiters from Bulgaria and other European countries

Full comprehension of your IT staffing & hiring requirements

Time-to-hire commitment & guarantees

Consultations and training on tech RPO in Bulgaria for your in-house employees

The advantages

40+ tech recruiters

We will engage the best remote recruiters from our IT talent RPO pool for you. If needed, we will find more tech RPO experts.

Local expertise

Alcor’s on-demand recruiters come from Bulgaria, so you will get in-depth knowledge of the local technology market, software developers’ employment, culture, and work style.

Flexible pricing

Choose between a subscription fee or a fixed monthly rate + a success fee. Bring your tech recruitment process outsourcing in Bulgaria to the next level at a reasonable price!

Access to 100,000+ candidates

Make use of our internal candidate resources that account for over 100,000 Bulgarian software developers.

You will be in good company:

Anastasiia Tertychna

Senior IT Recruiter at Alcor


Anastasiia is a very talented Technical Recruiter! We’re excited that she is helping us grow our team by being communicative, professional, and focused on the quality of hiring. She always asks great questions and her candidates almost always convert into hires. I’d often receive unsolicited feedback on Anastasiia from our candidates/new hires. I am sure Anastasiia will be a great asset to anyone who is looking for quality talent in the tech industry. It’s a pleasure to work with her!


– Iuliia Bozhenova, Talent Partner at BigCommerce


Working with Alina is a successful combination of working with a professional and communicating with an excellent person. She is always ready to answer questions, constantly keeps you informed, really worried about the candidate. From the experience of working with Alina, I have only the most positive emotions. The result of our cooperation is working in an excellent company with an excellent team of professionals. Alina, thank you very much!


– Aleksandr Kaliuk, QA Lead/Scrum Master at Amadeus

Alina Grytsenko

Senior IT Recruiter/Team Lead at Alcor

Kateryna Smetanska

Senior IT Recruiter at Alcor


Fantastic news, Kate! A massive thank you to you and the entire Alcor team for closing our positions. It’s been a pleasure working with you!


– Ryan Davis, Director of Support at Insightsoftware

Viktoriya is a great specialist who knows her job. The communication with Viktoriya was smooth and easy.


– Taras Shabatyn, Technical Lead at Space48

Viktoriya Krut

Senior IT Recruiter at Alcor


How we provide IT recruitment process outsourcing in Bulgaria for you:


Meeting offline/online
with you to discuss
your tech recruitment needs


Processing your requirements
and creating the KPIs
for the RPO recruiter


Discussing the terms
and conditions of cooperation
and signing a service-level agreement


Introducing the perfect
on-demand recruiter


Start hiring professional
Bulgarian software engineers!


Supporting you in payroll, accounting
and/or legal matters,
if needed


Conducting consultations
on IT recruitment
for your internal team


Onboarding our RPO recruiter in your team



can be also leveraged as a part of our bigger solution“Your own Development Office”

We guarantee:


days until our tech recruiter joins your company


weeks to close 1 vacancy


CV pass rate


months warranty to substitute our candidates free of charge

& reviewed

Case studies we are proud of:

Being the leading American provider of AI fraud detection and management solutions, Sift values experience and high-quality development when it comes to software engineers. So when it was time to expand their engineering team abroad, the company chose to hire professional Eastern European developers. The only issue was that their in-house recruiter could only close support positions. That is why Sift started looking for the top RPO services and operational providers in Eastern Europe and found Alcor.
30 experienced developers for Sift in Eastern Europe
We started our cooperation with Sift by allocating 13 IT researchers and recruiters and 1 account manager. Then, our team closed the position of Head of R&D, Front End Developer, and Back End Engineer with rare tech stacks. In order to strengthen the reputation of Sift in the Eastern European technological market, Alcor conducted an employer branding campaign that helped us hire 30 engineering specialists for Sift in just 1 year.
Dotmatics decided to set up a new software team in Eastern Europe and move from the IT outsourcing model to oversee the development of its ground-breaking scientific products. The company's main concern was the speed and quality of hiring since they had an ambitious goal to hire over 30 software engineers in 1 year. Thus, they started seeking assistance from an experienced RPO services partner with insider knowledge of the Eastern European technological market.
Top-notch RPO for Dotmatics in Eastern Europe
After Dotmatics reached out to Alcor to get professional IT hiring services, we first conducted consultations on the recruitment process outsourcing in Eastern Europe. Then, our team proceeded with adjusting the client's vacancies to the local tech market, writing the perfect value proposition for developers, and beginning the executive search. As a result, Dotmatics obtained 30 software engineers on board in just 12 months and received administrative support.
When Ledger wanted to create a team of 20 QA engineers in Eastern Europe, they needed stellar IT recruitment and back-office management. Even though they already had some employees in Eastern Europe, the other part of their team was located in Paris. Thus, Ledger was looking for an experienced Eastern European provider that could also ensure legal compliance, handle taxes, protect their IP rights, and perform other functions.
Professional tech RPO and legal compliance for Ledger
Ledger reached out for assistance to Alcor and we started our collaboration by engaging 10 of Alcor's tech researchers and recruiters. On top of hiring IT specialists, we also appointed our finance managers and lawyers with IT law expertise to help Ledger abide by Eastern European and French laws and deliver other operational functions. All of this without registering the legal entity of Ledger in Eastern Europe. Eventually, Ledger received 10+ QA engineers and is planning to hire another 12 QA specialists.


👉 1. Should you consider RPO in Bulgaria for your business? 

If your product company is in the tech industry and aims at boosting their internal IT hiring capabilities, then IT recruitment process outsourcing in Bulgaria is an answer to your needs. With on-demand recruiting, you will improve the quality of your recruiting process at all stages: developers’ sourcing, active search, conducting job interviews, onboarding, promoting your employer’s brand, and even more. 

👉2. What is the difference between IT recruitment process outsourcing in Bulgaria and hiring via a Bulgarian IT recruitment agency? 

If you opt for IT hiring outsourcing in Bulgaria, your internal talent acquisition team will receive assistance from an on-demand recruiter in hiring or staffing experienced software engineers. On the other hand, if you outsource the hiring process to a Bulgarian recruitment agency, your vendor will completely handle the recruitment of software developers for you. 

👉 3. What are the benefits of RPO in Bulgaria? 

First of all, your company will get an opportunity to improve the expertise of your internal recruitment team in Bulgaria by adopting new processes and standards, introduced by on-demand recruiters. Secondly, you will receive hiring guarantees and increase your chances of successful hires. Last but not least, IT RPO services in Bulgaria offer flexibility both in pricing and cooperation terms. 

👉 4. How does Alcor provide tech RPO services in Bulgaria?

As a professional RPO provider, Alcor pays special attention to the client’s IT recruitment needs. We always start our cooperation by discussing the requirements and KPIs for our RPO recruiters and signing service-level agreements to ensure legal compliance. After that, we pick the best-fitting RPO recruiters in Bulgaria and onboard them to the client’s team. But, in addition to RPO, our clients can outsource the recruiting of software developers in Bulgaria to us.

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Contact us and receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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